We can tell you how great the Academy Online is, but then we would say that, wouldn’t we? So don’t take our word for it – instead, see what the Certified Users who have bought and taken the course are saying!

I liked the course very much… I have vacuum–cleaned almost everything about Corona on YouTube but you can only get so far with small isolated tutorials. Even though I had been in contact with a lot of features beforehand there were still a lot of new things I learned.
— Johan A.
As a self–taught user, it helped me to ensure that I was doing some things correctly, but it also covered a variety of things that I was unaware of. In short, this is a very good resource to have, both for an experienced user and a beginner.
— Sergei M.
I enrolled in Corona Academy Online to get the most accurate, complete, and up–to–date information straight from the developers.
— Jansen C.
Despite doing ArchViz in Corona since its release, I’ve certainly learned a few new things during the course.
— Andy B.
Picture by Winston Ellosca
I’ve been using Corona for about 6 months and all my knowledge came from YouTube videos and trial and error while using the software. Thus, for me, the course was really great, as it focuses on explaining the idea behind each type of Corona Material or Corona Map, how and when to use it, and how they can make the scene render more efficiently.
— Julio T.
Even though I used the engine every day for 2 years I’ve learned a lot of new things from the course. Also, I think one of the best ways to learn about the engine is from the guys who developed it… and the price was another aspect that helped me decide to buy this course.
— Riccardo B.
As someone who previously exclusively used V–ray, this was packed full of new things to learn. My favorite part was learning about all of the quality–of–life features Corona has built–in natively compared to other renderers. The fact that it is being provided straight from the source gave me the confidence that I was getting the correct information from experienced individuals.
— Max S.
If potential clients ask how skilled I am in using Corona, then the certificate is my big proof of that. I was so happy to receive the certificate. It felt like I graduated from school :D
— Winston E.
I thought the course was excellent, the layout of the Academy content into Chapters and Lessons allowed me easily see my progress and plan in the time to watch the lessons and take the tests. The content was clearly delivered with a brief introduction with no flannel and then straight into the lesson.
— Russ G.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced user, you can see that the course will be a benefit to your knowledge and skillset, as well as giving you Certified User status, access to 2 years of updates in the course content as new Corona versions come out, and letting you join in the (optional!) quarterly online get–togethers with members of the Corona team. We look forward to hearing your testimonial after you complete the course!

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