Knowledge and Skills

Who is it for?

The Corona Academy is focused on the educational training of tutors and power users only.

We would like the top–level Corona Renderer instructors to be the ones who organize Corona Renderer Educational Courses for beginning, average, and advanced users – structuring the training in this way will ensure that users from all around the world can have access to courses in their native language, from locally based instructors in their respective countries. It also means that users can be sure that any courses they take from Primary Certified Instructors and Certified Instructors will have the most accurate and up–to–date information about Corona Renderer.

What will you learn?

We aim to teach you everything about Corona Renderer, such as how to use its features efficiently, how to avoid mistakes and get the best rendering performance, and what is the philosophy that makes Corona Renderer one of the most artist–friendly render engines out there. Topics covered include:

While it’s impossible to list everything we’ll explore together at the Corona Academy, here are just a few of the specific questions we’ll be answering for you:

What will you NOT learn?

What are the prerequisites?

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