Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the Corona Academy course cost?

The price is €999 + applicable VAT for the two day course. The price includes a 2–year FaiSaaS license (1 workstation + 3 nodes), all necessary educational materials, an official certificate of completion, and meals and beverages. All the IT equipment, software and licenses will be provided, so you do not need to bring your own. 

Transportation and accommodation is not included, but we will be happy to help you find a hotel close to our office, and get around Prague. 

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What will I learn during the Corona Academy?

You will learn everything about Corona Renderer – how to use its features efficiently, how to avoid mistakes to get the best rendering performance and what is the philosophy that makes Corona Renderer what artists tell us is the most user–friendly render engine out there. You can find more about included topics in Knowledge and Skills.

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How can I become a Primary Certified Instructor?

You can become a Primary Certified Instructor by attending the Corona Academy course. Check the list of upcoming dates.

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Can I use my certificate to organize my own courses? Are you supervising them in some way?

Yes, you can! This is the main aim of the Corona Academy – to train instructors to a recognized standard so that officially approved courses can take place all over the world. If you are a Primary Certified Instructor, you can train students to have Certified Instructor or Certified User status (the choice is yours). If you are a Certified Instructor, you can train students to have Certified User status.

We do not supervise courses directly. For training Certified Instructors, the courses must be based on our training, and use the same core content (scenes, documentation, etc.) which means there is no need for us to oversee your course in person. For training Certified Users, you are free to create your own content, from basic to advanced levels and everything in between, and we do not need to supervise those since we know you have accurate and correct information to base your training on.

Naturally, whether you are teaching Certified Instructors or Certified Users, anyone attending your course will be able to tell us if they are dissatisfied, so you are certainly still held accountable for delivering quality courses.

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Am I going to receive some educational materials after the course?

Yes! You will receive all of the scenes used during the training. You will also get our presentation, and our “Art of Light” coursebook in physical and electronic form. That means you will have everything that we use when we teach the Corona Academy!

You will also have access to any new or updated scenes and course content throughout your 2 years certification. This means that whenever we update the Corona Academy, you will have that new course content made available to you.

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What happens with my certificate after 2 years and what should I do to renew it?

At the end of the 2 year certification, you will need to attend the Corona Academy again (or, a course from an official instructor, if you aren’t renewing your Primary Certified Instructor status). This is because Corona Renderer will have changed a lot in 2 years, and we need to make sure you are up to speed with all the new features, changes in workflow, and new recommended best practices.

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Is Corona Academy organized only in Prague? Are there any plans for other destinations?

Yes, currently the Corona Academy only takes place in Prague. There is official training in other cities and countries through the courses organized by our Primary Certified Instructors and Certified Instructors, of course.

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Where can I find information about official courses in my location?

If all you need is Certified Instructor or Certified User status (rather than Primary Certified Instructor status), then you can attend courses run by any of our officially approved instructors. Any courses due to take place are listed on the Corona Academy home page.

If you don’t see a suitable course listed, you can check the full list of official instructors and search there for an instructor who is nearby, and use their contact details to ask if they are planning a course any time in the future.

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How can I become a Certified Instructor or Certified User?

You can become Certified Instructor or Certified User by attending a course organized by our Primary Certified Instructors or Certified Instructors (read more about the certification structure). Do not forget to check out the list of upcoming Certified Courses.    

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Is there a Corona Academy for Cinema 4D?

There will be a Corona Academy for Corona Renderer for Cinema 4D now that it is commercially released. Once a date has been set for the first Corona Academy for Cinema 4D, the date and booking form will be available at corona-academy.com, and we’ll notify everyone through our social media sites and newsletter too.

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