Certified Instructors (Spain)

All Certified Instructors listed below have fulfilled all requirements for obtaining Certified Instructor status and received a certificate which allows them to organize “Corona Renderer Educational Courses” whose attendees will become Certified Users.

Name and surname Valid until E-mail address Webpage Country
David Alba Campos 23.10.2023 david.alba@outlook.com Spain
Maria Angeles Blanco Perez 15.09.2023 marian@selegnadesign.es Spain
María Briones Llornes 15.09.2023 m.briones.design@gmail.com bogoraba.com Spain
Nil Campderrich 23.10.2023 n2graf@gmail.com instagram.com/n2graf Spain
Marc Daviu Bibiloni 04.10.2023 archvizmallorca@gmail.com archvizmallorca.com Spain
Iván Gómez Garillete 04.10.2023 avivan3d@gmail.com behance.net/ivnlpez4 Spain
Melissa Guzmán Ortiz 18.12.2023 meli_ssago@hotmail.com Spain
Oscar Hernández Bonilla 17.01.2023 oscarbonilla@lavarender.com lavarender.com Spain
Alberto Linares 14.01.2024 caelum@caelum.pro caelum.pro Spain
Juan Lujan García 18.12.2023 juan@vizvrtraining.com vizvrtraining.com Spain
David Martínez Martínez 13.12.2022 david@ifdesign.es ifdesign.es Spain
Jose Luis Morla Carvajal 24.01.2024 morla@ptmorla.com ptmorla.com Spain
Manuel Navarro 18.12.2023 dym3d@dym3d.es dym3d.es Spain
Ramon Alejandro Olivero Pico 23.10.2023 arq.rolivero@gmail.com Spain
Daniel Rodríguez Hernández 22.10.2023 d.rodriguez30@hotmail.com drodriguez30.3ddd.ru Spain
Jesús Oscar Salmerón López 26.03.2023 dgraficos@hotmail.com Spain
Iván Santamaría Martín 13.12.2022 ivansantamariamartin@gmail.com Spain
Joan Torres Rabassa 15.09.2023 joan@joantorres.es joantorres.es Spain