Certified Instructors (Italy)

All Certified Instructors listed below have fulfilled all requirements for obtaining Certified Instructor status and received a certificate which allows them to organize “Corona Renderer Educational Courses” whose attendees will become Certified Users.

Name and surname Valid until E-mail address Webpage Country
Andrea Barbaro 25.09.2022 arch.andreabarbaro@gmail.com Italy
Marco Barbato 25.09.2022 arch.marcobarbato@gmail.com Italy
Federico Cosimo Biancullo 06.01.2024 federico@ctrl-z.it ctrl-z.it Italy
Francesca Corrente 25.09.2022 francesca_corrente@yahoo.it art3drendering.com Italy
Lisa Crosera 25.09.2022 lisa.crosera.venezia@gmail.com Italy
Ivan Del Ponte 25.09.2022 idparch@gmail.com Italy
Donato Locantore 14.06.2023 donato.locantore@gmail.com donatolocantore.com Italy
Antonio Petrone 02.07.2023 antoniopetrone1990@gmail.com Italy
Gabriella Salvaggio 23.04.2023 gab.salvaggio@gmail.com Italy