Primary Certified Instructors

All Primary Certified Instructors listed below have fulfilled all requirements for obtaining Primary Certified Instructor status and received a certificate which allows them to organize “Corona Renderer Educational Courses” whose attendees will become Certified Instructors and Certified Users.

Name and surname Certificate validity E-mail address Webpage Country
Ramzi Abdrabbou 30.04.2017–30.04.2019 UAE
Andrei Afanasev 27.11.2016–27.11.2018 Russia/Czech Republic
Esraa Altwassi 30.04.2017–30.04.2019 Jordan
Ioannis Argyriou 28.05.2017–28.05.2019 Germany
Mauro Baldissera 28.05.2017–28.05.2019 Italy
Andres Bastidas Bucheli 28.05.2017–28.05.2019 Costa Rica
Ronen Bekerman 30.04.2017–30.04.2019 Israel
Johan Belmans 27.11.2016–27.11.2018 Belgium
Federico Cosimo Biancullo 28.05.2017–28.05.2019 Netherlands
Artem Blinov 28.05.2017–28.05.2019 Russia
Per-Olof Bergs 30.04.2017–30.04.2019 Belgium
Danny Cooper 27.11.2016–27.11.2018 United Kingdom
Ana Carolina De Camargo 30.04.2017–30.04.2019 United Kingdom/Brazil
Roberto De Rose 27.11.2016–27.11.2018 Italy
Matej Hosek 27.11.2016–27.11.2018 United Kingdom
Artem Kupriianenko 30.04.2017–30.04.2019 Ukraine
Olivier Lugand 27.11.2016–27.11.2018 United Kingdom
Michael Martens 28.05.2017–28.05.2019 Germany
Alessandro Michelazzi 28.05.2017–28.05.2019 Italy
Gianpiero Monopoli 27.11.2016–27.11.2018 Italy
Alexandr Partanen 27.11.2016–27.11.2018 Russia
Pedro Felipe Pasturczak 30.04.2017–30.04.2019 United Kingdom/Brazil
Samer Saniour 30.04.2017–30.04.2019 Lebanon
Sergei Scennikov 27.11.2016–27.11.2018 Israel
Petr Schwarz 30.04.2017–30.04.2019 Mexico
Guillermo Servigna 27.11.2016–27.11.2018 United Kingdom
Matteo Simion 28.05.2017–28.05.2019 Italy
Erkut Taner 30.04.2017–30.04.2019 Turkey
Damiano Toscan 28.05.2017–28.05.2019 Italy

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