Corona Academy Program

Corona Academy is an educational program for CGI tutors, instructors, lecturers and power-users who would like to improve their rendering skills and get to know everything about Corona Renderer.

All those who successfully complete the Corona Academy will become Primary Certified Instructors, able to organize and charge for their own authorized “Corona Renderer Educational Courses” and certify other instructors, schools and regular users. The course is presented in the English language. 

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Upcoming Corona Academy courses

April 21st to 22nd 2018


Read More 6 seats available

June 2nd to 3rd 2018


Read More 7 seats available


Gain additional knowledge and skills: The Corona Academy course covers wide range of topics about rendering, finding suitable solutions in Corona Renderer, and about Corona Renderer itself to bring deep knowledge to attendees who will become Primary Certified Instructors.

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Other upcoming courses

March 25th to 30th 2018

Tunis, Tunisia

Read More Nabil Zaghdoudi

April 7th to 8th 2018

Mexico City, Mexico

Read More Juan Monsivais

April 10th to 13th 2018

Milan, Italy

Read More 4m group

April 14th to 15th 2018

Lima, Peru

Read More Iván Zabalza González (Seña Paula)

April 21st to 22nd 2018

Cochabamba, Bolivia

Read More Iván Zabalza González (Seña Paula)

May 5th to 6th 2018

Alicante, Spain

Read More Iván Zabalza González (Seña Paula)

May 19th to 20th 2018

Madrid, Spain

Read More Iván Zabalza González (Seña Paula)